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        Logo Use Permission

        The Freddie Mac name, logo, designs, product identifiers, slogans, trademarks, and service marks may not be used in any advertising, publicity, promotion, or other commercial manner without the prior written consent of Freddie Mac. Logo use permission is subject to revocation by Freddie Mac at any time.

        Please provide the information below, and we will respond to your logo request within one to three business days.

        Please note that you do not need our prior written consent to establish a text-link to Freddie Mac websites, according to our Linking Policy.


        Requestor Information

        Logo Request Information

        Which logo do you need?

        If you would like to send a document for review now, send as an email attachment to Brand_Standards@FreddieMac.com. Please be sure to reference your logo request when submitting a document.

        Please provide the date by which you will need the logo.

        Note: We respond to all logo requests within one to three business days. If you need the logo sooner, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.